terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

Miguel Barbosa (It looks like I'm ascending to a place)

It looks like I'm ascending to a place, where the madness is my equal and where reality is my friend. Please don't speak too loud, I'm trying to understand, the noise is to much. I need peace please, anyone can make a picture for me, I'm needing some color now, please wake up, and stop with that annoying noise, your dreams are too loud. That one are showing a sea, a revolt sea, and in the sky, over me is a big storm. We can see only the waves, huge waves, and in a small place, there is a boat already inside the wave, and looks like the wave will swallow him, like a fly, but suddenly the colors start to melt, and slowly all the picture was dissolved in a desert, where small fishes was flying around a bush. I looked better to the new picture, and I could see gaps, like blank spaces, that doesn't exist in a continuous time, like only exist in a small compass through time. Nevertheless, I start seeing a caravan with camels in my direction. Then I start to see other distinct aspects in that image, like the colors of the tissues, that cover the camel. The silver, and the incense on baskets suspended beside the camels. Another nice sensation was, the smell of spices that gradually arrived with the caravan, and gradually start to be more stronger to my nose, and when the caravan are passing through me, I had the felling of being a ghost, and like a ghost I start to disappear, I start to go back again. The noise gradually began to return with a louder volume, it looks like I was listening radio, after this thought, in seconds my eyes look to the place where the radio was, and I started to listen a story about two different minds. One of them was a small mind, this one just worked in particular and detail information, having the answers for questions inside the big question.
The other one, was a big mind, he preferred work in the big questions, looking for general answers. Booth had the same way of think but, they had different kind of answers, like each one was in a different scale, with the same kind of geometry and equal development, like in a fractal, but the answers are different because, one try to understand, what kind of matter it's done one object, and the other one, try to understand, what is his purpose. One day, they became aware of their existence in different scales, and start to understand that together they could transform the world, creating any kind of being and giving him any kind of purpose, anyway, with time they start creating different beings, without a match, between matter and purpose, maybe should be better call unmatter, to the abstract purpose of the being, and with the free will they started a world where, emotions could be the matter, and where the body of the being, could be the unmatter purpose. When the story ended, the radio start to tuned other stations, and my mind move from thought to thought, and in the gap between the thoughts, there was a noise, and I start to think; why there is a noise where supposedly should be nothing, then in my mind I began to tune that empty space with noise, and believe me, that I stooped listen the noise and instead it, a melody start to be listening. I began to see a new dimension, a place where definitions doesn't exist, a place where I can see feelings, a place where you are near everything, a place where time and space are not defined, and confounded each other. I could see everything happen, in front of my eyes. Then I saw my natural world, but instead seeing a lot of matter beings interacting, I saw colors, different colors interacting and changing, depending of the proximity of the others. I began to realize, that to transform the colors of each one, I had to approach them. I realized, the only way to transform our world was, by the interaction between different beings, with different colors, but interaction should be done very carefully, because, we can create a dark world, which absorbs the other colors, or we can create a white world, that reflect all colors. Suddenly a voice in my ear start to saying, "open your eyes, see what are surrounding you", I quickly open my eyes, and saw all the dreams surrounding my thoughts, looking them like old friends, like brothers. The noise they make, started to stop and tune with my thoughts, and my head start to slowly reach a state of peace, where you had calm and peaceful states of mind. I close my eyes completely and dreams keep coming, but this time, they all intersect and greet each other, as if they were humans. After that I don't remember anything else... and stayed with my quiet dreams.

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