terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

João Meirinhoxxx (how Shit works)

1 - Work! Buy! Die!
I’m in my mid-twenties now but i’ve seen enough shit already in my days to not even want to live anymore! Maybe kill myself – taking a bunch of sorry suckers with me – hang this skin rag on a huge shopping mall from some pityful useless country that takes so much pride in their independence, some country with a perfect economical success and stock ratings sky-high. Safe and spotless. Stab myself in a public park where nurses take old timers and babies play with naked dolls and toy guns in sand boxes filled with needles and joint roaches. Or blow up a stadium filled with wrestling fans? Something sci-fi looking, with a lot of broken glass and people trying to put out the fire in their backs using stray dogs or other people.That would be sweet! I need to do something to manage and cope with all the insanity that surrounds me. Move to a place where there is no crime because you get paid a salary for being a drunken widowed retired sailor, just to keep you locked in a little room away from the view of the decent hard-working members of this priviledged thing we insist on calling a society. A nice place basically it is indeed. To live quietly, embrassing your frustration to the turning magnetic point where it just goes click and then: welcome to hell…  Remember the Clockwork Orange?Taxi Driver? Funny Games?Henry Chinaski? Bunny Monroe? Charles Manson? Hiroshima? You work somewhere because you have to although, if you could, most of you wouldn’t because you hate it (especially after having hada kind of embarassing shitfaced affair with all the female fauna that works their too); so you just get used to it, measure the ups and downs of the shituation and just deal with it (whatever it is we humans can always find a way to survive).So, you buy (mostly unimportant technological and fashion items that are just not necessary for your survival but they somehow keep you not bored for a very small percentage of time; and meat yes – how could i forget meat – you also buy a lot of dead animal products, easy to cook, bloody tasty, gets you full and tired in a snoring split second  and, of course, you don’t want to think how much they made all those helpless beasts suffer just to get it inside your belly, you just eat it everyday until you have a stroke while they – in their so-called stupid unconscious breathing
dispendable thingie – never see the sun light and were feed with crushed bones from theirparents murdered skulls; which, most of the time, end up in the nearest trash can because the system has a tendency to overproduce instead of just doing their math and being logical), after all that (with some charm variantions from your caged-will) you die.

2 - You will never know!
That’s why dudes pick up golf or heroin. Visit family for chrismas, have a wife, don’tlike her that much, merely fuckable, better than nothing, keep her around, cooks, cleans,naggs, cleans more, you give her a flower once in a while (I fucking don’t understand flowers, always looking so happy and thirsty, pointless, just pointless stuff) and a ticket to go see mariah carey (alone obviously) after which, if your lucky, maybe, get the occasional happy birthday cum shot, then we marry, have kids, middle age crisis, decide it is too late to breakup and start over (for the little ones sake of course), children turn out to be ungreatful bastards thou, never visit, they’ve fucked off and emigrated from this no where’s land (that parents called such a proud nation), to whatever else place pays better, got some dish-washing brick- carrying dick-sucking pipe-vaccuming job, the grandchildren don’t even talk the birth language anymore (or if they do it comes out with this tearbreaking pimped up motherfucking
frenchness to it), she dies first, it’s kinda sad, intentional overdose they say, i doubt it, she would never have the balls, drop a rose on the grave, a black one, her favorite colour is suppose (she prefered red ones obviously), only a couple of random landlords which she still owed rent to and the nerd deskmate she gave a handjob once (his first and last free sexual
encounter by the way) show up for the funeral, the priest scratched his balls constantly and burped twice, the smell of rotten wine was like floating thunderstorm above our heads, old
school irish church (go figure what a civil war can do to a person), I end my days with a b&w television set watching john wayne shoot painted red indians and fall in love with prostitutes, making me company is a bottle of jack daniels and a ulcera the size of Matchu Pitchu.

I wrote some stuff, got published a couple of times, short stories about alien abduction and relationshits that grew to become dust. Nobody commented, nobody cares when there is nothing to gein for themselves; i don’t blame them, why bother, so many assholes write about whatever is crossing their minds because they never learned to stop this endless emotional blabbering that follows us inside our awaken or asleep mind, wherever we turn our heads to it is always there; staring back at you with a little sneaky remark about to be added to the
endless flow of nihilistic same conclusions thousands, maybe fuckin’ millons, havediscovered already; but you still can’t help but doing it – again & again – pick up a pen and let the cuts in your veins scar with ink and bullshit, finding out there is no secret or purpose
under the veils of the seen universe; just the desire for conquering power over others and the full-blown truths how to possess what you feel like at that present heavenly moment, always wanting more and more and more of EveryThing; whether right or wrong, good or bad it doesn’t matter from which side of the yin g-yang golden ratio ping-pong fractaled spiral sacred geometry death wish point of perception screen you are looking from; it is all just a show, a joke, a prank to check out for how long you actually keep on believing in the surrealism of cause, consequence (or coincidence?), being fooled like a jester fools kings while fucking his
seven mistresses.
Everytime they let you look and see a glimpse of what’s under the curtain of Maya it is always quickly put back over your eyes, with a full dose of even stronger and overwhelming you will never know!
That’s all! I eventually died as well – blatter & prostate cancer – took a trip before I went – didn’t want to give them the satisfaction and repenting and crying; maybe it could speed up some lodged aneurisma the doctors hadn’t diagnosed –
didn’t help; the entangled emptiness was just to deep buried inside; I died a sad old, still
horny, ugly smelling reflection of a man, hoping – even praying for the first fucking time ever
– that PLEASE don’t make me reencarnate, only – if it is truly THAT necessary – as a
mosquito or a butterfly, something that fucks off fast and leaves no trace after two days; or a
fish with a jelly jerk-off memory and a octopuss-like neural sample of a pineal gland too
small to rationalize or diferentiate colours – like in a eternal rollercoaster ride.
3 - Erase and Replace!

I was born in a fairly big city. A million or two of hurrying jerks. That’s the main reason how people end up like me.
Cool enough place to get shot at or get your eco-friendly car burned off to the ground in a ghetto riot against, i don’t know – against labour costs; shoe making unemployment; energy strikes; tax cuts; castrated taxi drivers; men and men pretending to be girls fighting for the right to fistfuck themselves during lunch break in smoke-free areas; privatization of national water, electricity, soul; housing scams; or even, the i can’t get any pussy and it is your fault demonstration!
You name it – mostly to just try and hit a pig in the face with an edgy stone or steal a plasma screen computer from whatever random multinational corportational that numb-nut anarchist activists love to hate and, thankfully, break their windows. I despise most of the white supremacy youth of this world because I am just like them.
I am a piece of shit and i mean it! Our easy life represents all that is out of touch with real natural and ethical and spiritual values. We are to blame for all the injustice and contradictions that are seen – whenever you log on to the internet or open your backdoor to your lovely well-kept garden where a pretty good looking, but with too much make-up, young girl decided to have a, what looks like, epilepsy fit, but is actually just a mixture of bad ecstasy and a misguided sense of what is supposed to be sensual.
 The laws of attraction and attachment. The search for the holy orgasm. The thin line between desire and disrespect. The unbalanced inverse psychological game of how to maintain passion between a couple? Long awaited expectations induced by common tastes or complete antagonistic views on existence always turn out the other way around. Some adore to dominate, others get their kicks by crushing their lover – most of us need both.  The human touch, the trivial awakening of the flesh, the mayhem of inertia, that starlike connection with infinity by the mimesis of the procreating sexual act; the aura of want flaming like a sun behind the eyes, directing the body towards the prey; donation of the egg facing the judgement of sharing a house, paying the bills, colecting the loans, hiding locust wacko fetiches while still seeking the same – the best – wild and unleashable release warmth dome; from the bliss of infancy onto the enlightment of degradation.

All is connected and we are all responsible.  Especially if you can go to sleep at night knowing that this world is not a fair place where analphabet dumb as trash people suffer and have to sell their freedom for shit-paid jobs to do the things you could never do – but need and like when they work properly – in order to buy some cheap quality food for their unwanted children they could never abort because it was still illegal to do so (with the risk of bleeding to death for trying); they build your roads and take your trash out replacing it for clean trash you will buy again in the same shop. And you will eventually buy it, that i can garantee you my dear reading money-junkie friend (for whom the cap fits), just because you don’t know how to do anything that is essential for enduring by yourself!  You were domesticated into being dependent on a system that says they do it just to make it easier. That is a premediated lie!
There is a very small – tiny as a mushroom – almost invisible percentage of the rich and powerful presidents of companies (that rule the trading theft of the planet) that give a fuck if you live or die! Do not trust anyone is what conspiracy theories tell you and, apparentely, they’ve got me so well that i don’t even trust conspiracies anymore! We were conditionated by birth, slowly slowly, to do has everybody else does. Observe and repeat. Follow the one ahead and keep your head down For me it is all or nothing! If we don’t have All the same chances and duties (and by All i mean the seven fucking billion of us and counting), or NO ONE deserves another fuckin’ crumb from nowehere and it is back to cowboy-like primitive stoneage chaotic panorama! We think we are so fucking superior and, at the same time, liberal and respectful of different cultures from under developed countries that perish like ants just to dig us up some obscure mineral to make ridiculous cellphones that have a camera on top where we can keep all our precious shitty souvenirs. No!  Do not want! Refuse, reject, take it back to the basics, destroy the whole previous culture and rewind to a self-sustainable trade system clean agriculture.  Erase and Replace!
Rather go deaf now then participate (through peer pressure and cohersion) in the accumulation of uselessness and profit over people!

4 - Sex, drugs and rock and roll are just another form of control!

Due to exaustion, I’ve developed a weird despise for party people that walk around having a blast all the time while they are actually even more pathetic then depressed valliumed for eternity loosers; what they don’t understand is that all that lets rock the house energy they have everyfuckingday – from morning to the next morning – is actually a self- destructive amphetamine-feed ten ton hammer sociopatic rage against the machine that dominates them from the inside, and actually wants them to do exactly what they are doing.
Every revolutionary is nothing else than a predictable casuality in a automatical loop of homogeneisation in crescendo; a little temporary flaw in the omnipresent ideology that, soon enough, will engluf every body, daim every spirit and daily break the sttuborn (but most
fundamental) rights of FreeDoom and equality, using – greedly well studied and satanically pleasure spreading – world domination. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are just another form of control! These grey (always in construction) surroundings for working heros in isolated urban districts painted pink molded me into a disgusting self-centered ego-tripping pill-popping golem from back in the medieval days; when everybody carried an axe around and you never knew if you were gonna live or die, and frankly, you couldn’t be bothered to give a flying fuck! That’s why I especially hate people that, in such a sanitarized impersonal environment, follow all the retarded rules, funky fines and mongolid impositions (although knowing them
to be injust) they are forcefeed to? WHY are they so chicken-shit to never stand up for their inner vallues – not even once they’ve tried! Coming from an ass-whip post-communist background – cold war crack house kind of cradle music – living in apartments that look like
meat stacking cabinets where every two hours a car alarm starts ringing just to maintain everybody too scared of even checking out if it is their own vehicle that is being stolen (or  just the downstair pederast neighboor fucking with you). They might see us and shoot us from the moon. People work like pidgeons not only for survival but for vanity, to achive a level of showing off worthy enough of some dumbfuck next to you – waiting for a late public transportation – to notice what brand of tie you’re wearing, and blink like a madman with that envyous scent that just makes your dick swollen up like you’ve won the lottery or made a woman smile! All lost and anonymous on the crowded unbreathable subway station where someone was free minded enough to just throw himself in front of the high-speed train (whose tickets are too expensive for any normal person afford) and splash true red-dark squirting blood on everybody’s apathic and pale – nervously twitching – faces.

 People are brainwashed by pratical and user-friendly social networks and their feelings about everything that surrounds them – triggered by stereotypes or self defense – mere puppies trained to bite from behind when the owner is not looking; getting wasted like
teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights (in nasty clubs tin-canned by sweat and bad music) as a way to wash all the accumulated slave-related stress – remembering the good old high school times getting backed on abandoned houses and fingering up two (pretending to be
lesbians) girl-friend’s fresh virginity – dripping their first (long term) hot drops of learning from your own mistakes. Glory years when you had time to indulge yourself in a hobbie and a
bubble bath, developing your brain instead of misplaced surviving skills – waving like royal marionets between hypocrisy and trickery! Spending Sundays face-planted in your favorite hangover couch – surrounded by candy and chips – seeing romantic comedies, cuddling on warm blankets knitted by half blinds cute taiwanese minors paid a dollar a day just to get a piece of bread inside a soup that smells like sock. We are made to imagine that we know what is going on thanks to sattelites that misinform and mind manipulate our square little synapses; thanks to the same government you never bothered to vote against because they are all the same bunch – that’s what she said – while tidily booking yourself some fancy hotels and overhyped private resorts for the next, extra-carefully prepared, one-week trip to (whothefuckcares) extremely remote deserted island or poor asian country; were pedophilia is as aceptable as crossing the street outside the sidewalk without getting finned by a fat cop
with granders of delusion. If you would be hit by a bus he would probably give you a fine anyway – leaving it stamped to the corpse’s forehead; and if you don’t have any I don’t
wanna die insurance – or ready-to-use printed cash paper – the loud ambulance will just leave you to breathe out your last hopes and dreams two meters away from the well illuminated
killer cold sidewalk. The last thing you see is some lowlife stealing your grandfathers golden rolex getting on his knees and, with a psycho grin on his cheap lipstick transvesti wet lips –
drooling – about to to suck the shit out of your half-dying, but still quite hard, cock.

5 - Cunts like this!

So many say they’ve seen the world, but they’ve only seen it through a tourists eye. Natives welcome foreigners to their houses because they want a piece of their last paycheck! They read you from far away and take advantage of what – and how – you expect to be treated. It is not the same as living with them (and like they do) for a longer period of life. Changing and creating with those still open minded enough to want to change and create: together! I can only feel sane in a third world country that faces a lot of developing challenges: lack of education; sexual transmitted diseases and epidemics; no running or clean water; severe climate change and no tools to fight against it; lack of electricity and information; poverty, pollution and corruption! You know absolutely nothing about any other country besides your own decrepit and video surveilled subourbian neighbourhood. I think
many like me can compreend the depths of this intense anger I sense, in every alley or corner,  just by walking down any industrialized street. While others see a sunny day to enjoy in the park drinking beer with false comrades – or sitting on your brand-new gallery selling
champagne and watching the fuckin’ birds mate (whistling along) – while some convenient clouds (looking like chemical trails) hoover like a hint that hides the truth;
I see a waste of infrastructures and intelligence! Constant: like the flow of the biggest river ever. You have to be hardcore enough to be ready to give it all you got for the sake of fellow humanity – your life for that matter – for a higher purpose: against famine and abuse of power instigated by economical plutocracy and tirany! Or else I label you a cooperator with the devil and a pussy! All means should be applied for a justifiable war against real, well-suited, criminals – like good old city squares decapitations, chemical amputation, torture, burning businessmen witches on the stake and savage public hangings – why the fuck not? 

I don’t think violence cures anything, it only encourages more violence – which can be dangerous since it creates an unstoppable earthling karmatic chain reaction hungry for revenge; and an easy excuse for the classically unpunished police brutality, against the
defenseless and peaceful protesters, to repeat itself. Although, since I’m obliged to watch these modern utopian left wingers being such lame dicks filed with pity and grace – uncapable of fighting for their beliefs with intelectual fists and claws like desperate animals; useless
dress-up clones in it for the dollars; always unsure about what the public opinion might think of a mandatory ballsy critical decision; their hesitation reflects their lack of principals (why the hell did we elect you for in the first place?). In the present zeitgeist I can only have faith in extremely brutal (very discutable yes) measures of action! If you don’t agree, well.. for me we have passed the enchanted realms of talking out of our asses until you bored the fuck out of
anyone that even tried to pay attention to you, also called – witchcraft of rethorical labyrinths – hurting my ears (not to mention patience) from insisting on hearing all sides of the question;especially because – i’ve noticed that – lately the bad guys always win and the sponsors are those who decide what course of action we have to choose.
 It’s never common sense!
Why is it like this you ask?

Because nowadays everybody is easily trickable and entertainable with AnyThing else besides real important matters that concern their well-being! So, again, if you prefer to not even have in consideration any of my harsh words: you are probably an encarcerated leftover afraid of your own reflection; terrified of destroying the walls of confort and protection you so hardly built up all around your weak and dim personality; a typical theoretical wanker that was bullied around primary school too often – like an empty soccer ball – and never recovered from it; a pusher of mercy and laisser-passer
that climbed up the staircase of hierarchy so he can get back at all the lower-class boys that fucked him up pretty good;
by now laying them off by the hundreds (with a sadistic gaze of knowing that families will go through such hard times); in general by being an awful prick to
everybody you can legally boss around; like a childish feudal lord that still thinks his blood is something especial; some god given duty embeded by a borguois mentallity that class-war exposed for the patriarchical heartless bogus it really is! Cunts like this are definately not worth the air we are sharing since they were raised to always take the biggest slice of the cake they can and then… pretend they didn’t or avoid giving it back!

6 - Walking hamburgers and hairy midgets!

 I actually have been run over by a moving bus once: I was high, I was fifteen, I wonder what have I gained by surviving? Not much, not much at all… Once I saw but now i just don’t wanna look at anything anymore! I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved bitterness and
regrets – on the contrary – I would say I’ve gained the lack of them: of any sense of mortality or fear-fueled behaviourism or feelings towards existencialism research and carpe diem horseshit! This pathetic little rat-maze filled with peace love and understanding written on walls, like gay public annoucements in gas stations, just make me sick to my stomach, bowels and lungs; every single little pupping heart wants to share a thought and have an opinion
about all subjects they don’t fully grasp (create a blog, it’s free!) and will never arrive to the point of admiting how damn depressing and paranoid about the unknown they really are
(denial stage) – which would be the first step for any sort of growth. Try silence for a change! To travel and embrace new cultures and past civilisations is your chance to evolve into something extraordinary! Escape from where you were born; if you stay there you are doomed to be vulgar. All of those before us have been warning this (sun cycle alligment with the center of our galaxy which will provoke global cataclisms that may lead to our demise)
was all about to happen and it – literally – gives me killer cramos when I watch that all our amazing acomplishments are going to crumble like a deck of carts facing a heavy breeze;
victims of simian stupidity and meek selfish interests! Everybody just pushes up so much luck for their own pockets and personal hidden schizophrenias; mood swings they puke like pearls only with the worst of them all: their – too well paid for doing absolutely nothing besides
getting you numb on pharmacioticals – psychiatrist. The bitch lays you there, confortably sits her large butt on a menstruated pillow and listens to loads of insecurities, mental addictions
and dirty sorry for sore eyes orgies with walking hamburgers and hairy – nearly bald – midgets. Only god knows what depravity will they manufacture next, to give some masoquistical sense onto the agony that comes when you loose purpose of having to wake up
another wretched morning; so lazy you don’t even bother to get up and go to the toilet; you just decide to piss youself all over; leaving the bed wet like a child waiting for his mommy to come pick him up, breastfeed him and, sorrowfully, clean the mess he made on purpose.

 At times (too many goddamn times) it all seems so worthless that can drive anybody MAD! I wish i was mad: I would shove coke cans up my esfincter in airplanes, drink my own
urine in university lectures or sneak in rich people’s apartments just so I could shit under their rugs! Fun no? Read my lips: Fuck all new anthropological theories being written at the same
speed has this! Fuck the forever flowing quantity of youtube videos being uploaded every hour about how to make potatoe salad or random acts of russian hooligan beatings! Fuck all film students with their tiny crappy wannabe david lynch projects, that will never amount to nothing besides (if they suck enough balls) being invited to be trainee secondary assistant director of the assistant director! Fuck the environmentalists; the hippies; the punks; the fascists; the dumpster divers; the goths; the vegans; professional and amateur porn actors; dictators with sun glasses; gang members; the military; religious douchebags; piromaniacs; trees; sarah jessica parke and henry kissinger; naked people; people wearing clothes; the clothes themselves; the colour purple; everybody that speaks arab; china; eclectic noise lovers; people who like or pratice and consider themselves professional in any sort of sport! Fuck eveybody that is a fanatic about something and just because of this whatever something
only they think is so great and better and will change the world and everybody should be like you! Fuck you for waking up early in the morning to go chain yourself against some nuclear power plant! Fuck all the genius fuckers that lived before us and discovered basically
everything that exists (or might not), leaving us vaccum-cleaning the ash and dust of their masterpieces in some deserted village library nobody notices because it is next to a stripclub! Fuck you that plants and deals and smokes weed and all your objectives in life are trapped
between one crop and the other, and your deepest psychological thought is considering to take a shower before going to the shop to get more papers until you realize – oh no but wait battlestar galatica is on! Fuck you also for going too late to bed, for living in the street and shoooting up free methadone from the state’s tax payers stolen money, bumming Aids out of pay phones and beating up your – skinnier than you – whore mother! Fuck social parasites!  Fuck the weather! Fuck surprises! Fuck my family! Fuck truck drivers and security guards in
their suicidal boring jobs day dreaming until armageddon comes that a dripping hot adolescent with wings appears out of the blue sky hitchicking and immediately can’t wait to suck your average, about to burst, erect penis, swallow the sperm and self combust into a rain
of serpentines and swiss chocolate – oh dear i’m so infuckinraged i can go on and on with this blazing out of proportion gorgeous hate against you All, and i will: Fuck my ludacris puny outrageous obsolete little self! Fuck me for being part of all this crap world filled with arrogant ignorants such as myself! Would you die for me as I would for you?

7 - Zombie cat in the magic box

 Fuck Everything! Fuck all artists! Fuck writers with high hopes in particular, that sit down and try to scratch out an idea worth spreading to a fantasized audience (that never will exist), like they were digging for gold or, as if, it even mattered what they had to say! Fuck them real hard! Fuck anybody that has expectations out of this sticky circus of consciousness! Fuck quantum physicists and their newest theories about a zombie cat magic box and paralell multiverses they have no idea what it means outside a black board filled with unreadable and ever changing equations! Fuck agoraphobic video gamers so accostumated they are of role playing in chat rooms they spend a decade without shaking hands with somebody, and hardly managing not to cum by doing so! Fuck all mainstream and underground musicians with their predictable disco beats, mix genders, experimental albums, ethnic background, surprise colaborations or easily recognisable influences from whom they boldly just copied the style and repeat it ad aeternum! Fuck lawyers, clients, judges, minor offenders, bank robbers, encarcerated pimps, solitary philosophers and all those who know or don’t that the entire
judicial system is a fraud! Fuck democracy! Fuck Antient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Sumerian, Mayans, fuck the whole solar system for that matter! Fuck mass-media (needless to even start pointing out why). Fuck people that don’t know what inspiration is and get so amazed – with a blowjob wide mouth – when they see some famous brand new piece in a modern art museum from a conceptual artist, whose farts are worth more than all the annual budgets of
any western african country. WOW it is a red apple the size of the Gizé pyramid oh my god (with an american accent) that’s just BRILLIANT! (it says it symbolizes the oppression of an
injust capitalist system; as inevitable everything should and will!).
I don’t present solutions you say? Too pessimistic? Well in that case you can find the nearest fire extinguisher – your daughter secretely craves for in the mid of her mid-night self-taught epic masturbatory sessions – and with it: take the cap off, kill your boss, rape your wife and try to blow yourself into pieces before you end up arrested and prepared for the courts to give you the anal rehabilitation you deserve! Unless you confess; will you dare? I am bound to try to explain how have I been conditioned and controlled by the dualism that dwells inside of me. What will this Age of Aquarius bring? A total willingly immersion on a transhuman virtual reality; where immortality will be sold to the sheep as a way to stick a microship directly into the populations brains so a new world order eugenic elite that has been fornicating between the Free-Masons, the Trilateral Comission, the Bilderberg Group, The Bohemian Grove, the whole Brittish Royal Apparatus, Hitler, Darwin, Atlantida? Do They
exist? Will the banks poison our wells, sell us fake tecnological entertainment and feed us with genetically modificated stuff to make us suceptible to sickness and mentally incompetent to face the facts and fight for our rights? Is there any illuminati reptilian super race masterplan trying to get hold of the absolute eternal power of the planets flows; or is it just our own fucked up imagination that can’t help but nonstop fantasizing about the aparent cut and clear reasons why so much historical information intertwines together as a perfect puzzle about such deceitful bloodlines? Since the very beginning there as always been a bad rotten craving apple that has a twisted thrill in crushing the majority and making them suffer and starve and hunt eachother for survival (and for the amusement of the undead lords that sit on the throne). Will it happen again? Could we revolt in time if it does and murder those responsible? Am I a madman for thinking such things instead of just living my life like most of the people that I see coming from the shop with some imported vegetables and a bottle of wine (without a care they share a smile and never question authority) enjoying the simple pleasures instead of
complicating what seems to be a perfectly organized & faithful (wannabe flawless) continent?
I believe in my instinct but I am also an optimist. I write these atrocities to get them out of my organism – it is a form of cleasing! I trust Evil exists – it could be in you or me – anybody could be a killer or a canibal or a child molester, nobody is beyond a reasonable doubt
because the humankind is like plasticine; the 64 aminoacids that compose the DNA’s holy sphinx decide our destiny just like the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching predict its patterns. Vaccuum composes this gift and anything can be created from that same elusive abstraction we temporarily named black matter. Everything is attached to its singular interpretation – which will be followed by a decision that changes the course of the present cubical egg.
Maybe we are part of someone else’s long lost matrix –extraterrestrial accidental panspermia colonization or test subjects that get checked upon every 25000 years – or even living inside a
breathing being so enormous we make believe that galaxies and comets are not actually his organs and bacterias?
Are those in control pretending not to know about otherspace communication? Is the flower of life’s symbol a mathematical code to achieve higher planes of perception? Are there visitors or spirits among
us that can try to influence our evolution but withour directly interfering?
 Do our rulers want bliss to be hidden from the general public so
they can trick us into a larve state of predisposition and propaganda? Hasn’t free energy been available and its development castrated on purpose? From brain to heart nothing is impossible in this empty realm – lets just wait in delight – prepared for apocalipse or rapture, way above matter; lost in transition; open eyes and a free mind within the same unique dream

. I suggest you to try a strong dose of LSD or DMT before you GO!

Ambient vandalism lullabies to go with this hate meal:

1. Raging Speedhorn – The Hate Song
2. Strapping Yound Lad – Happy Camper
3. Machine Head – Blood for Blood
4. Faith no More – Cuckoo for Caca
5. Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People
6. Tool – Hooker with a Penis/Aenima
7. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Curse of Milhaven

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